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  • Dewanna Hopson: Professional Driver

    The roaring waves colliding with the solid bottom of the waterfall entices an explorer, as the warming purr of an idle engine awaits its driver. The magnificence of a semi-truck can only be truly appreciated through the eyes of the enthusiastic. Long roads, stretched in silence; day after day, no single view the same. Trucking is a unique lifestyle well-known for its weight in uncertainty and complicated ordinances. But if you’re one of the lucky few to take notice, there is joy in the journey of discovery.

    For generations, truck drivers have dominated our highways, providing the daily essentials of survival. These men and women choose a line of work that offers a deeper value than most typical
    professions. Solitude, independence, and a support system unlike any brotherhood among associates. By withdrawing oneself of the chaos in the midst of society, if only by the confinement within a semi-truck, it has been commonly declared that brief private space enables an ability to connect and focus – allowing headway for personal improvement. The freedom of one’s own decisions empowers a much greater standard of determination.

    Over the course of this Legend driver’s 37-year driving career, she has accumulated over 4-million lifetime miles. From pulling doubles cross-country, to classrooms as a CDL instructor, Dewanna Hopson now transports containers to locations throughout the Southeast region. Known to everyone as, Dee; she has gained the respect of her peers through experience and leading by example. To read more, visit National Truckin’ Magazine.

    Posted: February 12, 2020